Accessoryinfo sectionΒΆ

Accessories must provide this section in a UBOS Manifest. Here is an example:

"accessoryinfo" : {
  "appid" : "wordpress",
  "accessoryid" : "jetpack",
  "accessorytype" : "plugin"

appid is the name of the package that contains the app to which this accessory belongs. In this example, the accessory belongs to the wordpress app. This value is required.

accessoryid and accessorytype are optional fields. If they are given, they identify the accessory in the terminology of the app that the accessory belongs to:

  • accessoryid is the name of the accessory as the app refers to it. This may or may not be the same as the accessory’s package name. For example, Wordpress may refer to a plugin as “jetpack”, while the UBOS package for the plugin is wordpress-plugin-jetpack. The domain of this value depends on the app.
  • accessorytype is the type of accessory that this is. For example, Wordpress distinguishes between plugins and skins. The domain of this value depends on the app.