Rebuilding UBOS for yourselfΒΆ

If you are paranoid, and wish to rebuild UBOS from scratch, follow these steps:

  1. Preferably, you rebuild UBOS on UBOS itself. Alternatively, you can set up an Arch Linux system with the UBOS tools as described in Setting up a UBOS development machine.

  2. Install package macrobuild-ubos:

    > sudo pacman -S macrobuild-ubos
  3. The user that you are running the build as must be able to sudo because image generations, mounting of loop devices etc requires root privileges.

  4. Check out the UBOS build configuration and go to that directory:

    > git clone
  5. Create your our build settings file, or use the UBOS default:

    > git clone
    > cd macrobuild-ubos

    You can overwrite settings in the file by creating your own settings file.

  6. Find out the list of available build targets:

    > macrobuild -l
  7. Execute the target you’d like to execute. For example:

    > macrobuild build-dev -v

    will build the UBOS dev channel in verbose mode.

  8. If you receive an error message about an undefined variable, you need to specify this variable either in your settings or on the command line. For example, to run the tests, you need to specify the channel which to test, like this:

    > macrobuild run-webapptests --channel dev