Beta 10 has arrived with new software packages, new features and the obligatory bug fixes. The big news is this:

You can now set up web applications, like Wordpress, as a Tor hidden service with a single command. This joins previously-available functionality to set up HTTPS sites, including certificate provisioning, with a single command. Here are some examples:

  • ubos-admin createsite creates a regular HTTP website with the apps you specify.

  • ubos-admin createsite --tls --self-signed creates the same website, but with a automatically generated and installed self-signed certificate.

  • ubos-admin createsite --tls --letsencrypt creates the same website, but with an official certificate from Letsencrypt that’s recognized by all major browsers.

  • ubos-admin createsite --tor creates the same website, but as a Tor hidden service. In addition to the privacy and anonymity features Tor provides to site users and site publishers, this lets you easily run a website from behind your firewall, or pack up your server, plug it in somewhere else and you are back up and running.

More details.

Some other things that are new:

  • Nextcloud 11 is now available.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

  • All images for all platforms has been updated.

These are just some of the highlights. The more detailed release notes are here.

And as you probably know: to upgrade your device, all you need to say is ubos-admin update.

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