This update has new packages both on the UBOS operating system level, and for applications. Sometimes, we have to do both at the same time!

As indicated in the last update, This is also the first update in which we use a new numbering scheme based on the date of the announcement.

For now, updates have been published to the yellow channel only. We will promote it to green in a few days, assuming things go well. If you like to be notified when UBOS updates have been published, or for any other notifications, here is the first news for you:

Release notification mailing lists

  • We have created notification-only mailing lists (separate for the yellow and the green channel) that you can subscribe to, to be notified when there are updates on the respective channel.
  • Go here to subscribe.


New apps

  • Matomo, a privacy-preserving alternative to cloud-based web analytics tools such as Google Analytics (formerly named Piwik) is now available for single-command installation and upgrades.

    To install, run ubos-admin createsite and specify app matomo.

Notable new packages for users:

  • IPFS: go-ipfs
  • More Wordpress plugins, such as Pterotype and SEO

Key package upgrades in this release

  • Nextcloud
  • Mastodon
  • Wordpress
  • Linux is now at kernel version 5.0.x (x86_64 only for now)
  • Mariadb is now at 10.3.x
  • Bitcoin daemon
  • Ethereum daemon

Notable fixes and improvements:

  • Various backup/restore issues were fixed. These had impacted primarily sites running Shaarli and Selfoss.
  • Nextcloud installations now set the admin e-mail address automatically
  • Nextcloud now shows memory info
  • DNSSEC is turned off by default, as it appears to be incompatible with many deployed DNS servers that don’t support it.

Changes for developers:

  • Apps based on Node now need to package their own node runtime.


  • The Personal Public License has had some clarifying edits. See separate post.


  • IMPORTANT: Please consult the release notes for platform-specific notes.

More details are in the release notes.