UBOS Beta 10 released with automatic Tor hidden services setup

Podcast: The IoT Overlords and their Thirst for your Data

Listen to UBOS instigator Johannes Ernst being interviewed by Bruce Sinclair of IoT Inc. As Bruce puts it:

UBOS Beta 9: Nextcloud 10, Wordpress accessories and new features

Beta 9 has arrived with new software packages, new features and the obligatory bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

Talk: "UBOS and the Indie Iot" at Mozilla San Francisco

The Mozilla IoT folks invited me (Johannes Ernst) to give a talk at their Connected Devices meetup in San Francisco last night. I talked about “UBOS and the Indie IoT”. It features:

Migrating sites running on UBOS to Letsencrypt

If you have a site that currently doesn’t use SSL/TLS encryption, or you use a a certificate from a different provider, UBOS lets you easily move to a Letsencrypt certificate.

WiFi on UBOS

Update: UBOS now has built-in WiFi support via the UBOS Staff and the manual setup described in this post should not be necessary any more.

UBOS Beta 8: incremental improvements and bug fixes

Beta 7 was a major feature release. This time around, the improvements are more incremental. Here are the highlights:

How we packaged Mattermost for UBOS

Video: Installing Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 3 with UBOS

In this end-to-end tutorial, Johannes Ernst shows how to download and install UBOS on a Raspberry Pi 3, without a keyboard or a monitor, and get Nextcloud running on it.

UBOS Beta 7: more apps, Raspberry Pi 3, offsite backup, e-mail, AWS and more

UBOS continues to make great steps forward. In the latest beta, we have added support for more types of hardware to run UBOS on, more apps, important software upgrades, and many small improvements that make your life as owner of a UBOS device in production just so much easier.