UBOS Beta 11 released with support for Marvell ESPRESSObin

UBOS Beta 10 released with automatic Tor hidden services setup

Podcast: The IoT Overlords and their Thirst for your Data

Listen to UBOS instigator Johannes Ernst being interviewed by Bruce Sinclair of IoT Inc. As Bruce puts it:

UBOS Beta 9: Nextcloud 10, Wordpress accessories and new features

Beta 9 has arrived with new software packages, new features and the obligatory bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

Talk: "UBOS and the Indie Iot" at Mozilla San Francisco

The Mozilla IoT folks invited me (Johannes Ernst) to give a talk at their Connected Devices meetup in San Francisco last night. I talked about “UBOS and the Indie IoT”. It features:

Migrating sites running on UBOS to Letsencrypt

If you have a site that currently doesn’t use SSL/TLS encryption, or you use a a certificate from a different provider, UBOS lets you easily move to a Letsencrypt certificate.

WiFi on UBOS

Update: UBOS now has built-in WiFi support via the UBOS Staff and the manual setup described in this post should not be necessary any more.

UBOS Beta 8: incremental improvements and bug fixes

Beta 7 was a major feature release. This time around, the improvements are more incremental. Here are the highlights:

How we packaged Mattermost for UBOS

Video: Installing Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 3 with UBOS

In this end-to-end tutorial, Johannes Ernst shows how to download and install UBOS on a Raspberry Pi 3, without a keyboard or a monitor, and get Nextcloud running on it.