UBOS Beta 7: more apps, Raspberry Pi 3, offsite backup, e-mail, AWS and more

UBOS continues to make great steps forward. In the latest beta, we have added support for more types of hardware to run UBOS on, more apps, important software upgrades, and many small improvements that make your life as owner of a UBOS device in production just so much easier.

UBOS Beta 6: now supporting Raspberry Pi Zero, Docker and more

UBOS Beta 5: single-command firewall configuration, Linux containers etc.

It’s been longer since beta 4 than we would have liked, but if you work on a big chunk of new functionality, that’s sometimes what happens!

UBOS Beta 4: support for Mediagoblin, Webtrees and PostgreSQL

We are proud that UBOS beta 4 has been released:

Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine: UBOS is "clever"

Raspberry Pi Geek Magazin has a five-page (!) in-depth article on UBOS in its latest 03/2015 issue, calling UBOS “pfiffig” (clever) and “it is a lot of fun.

User Story: How I set up ownCloud on UBOS with VirtualBox behind a firewall

UBOS user Emmanual Arthur wrote us with this experience report. You can often find him on #ubos.

How to add an app to an existing site

Let’s say you have set up a site with one app (e.g. owncloud), as it is described in Setting up your first web app. What if you’d like to run a second app at the same site, say selfoss?

UBOS Beta 3 is out: added Raspberry Pi 2, Beagle Bone Black, and the UBOS Staff

We are proud that UBOS beta 3 has been released this morning.

Meetup on Monday, March 9

The next UBOS / Indie Box meetup is going to be on Monday, March 9, 6:30pm, at the Hacker Dojo, in Mountain View, CA.

Video: installing ownCloud 8 on UBOS with TLS

Our friends at ownCloud released their version 8 the day before we pushed out UBOS beta 2. We managed to include it at the last minute, and here is a video that shows how easy it is to install ownCloud on UBOS.