UBOS Beta 6: now supporting Raspberry Pi Zero, Docker and more

UBOS Beta 5: single-command firewall configuration, Linux containers etc.

It’s been longer since beta 4 than we would have liked, but if you work on a big chunk of new functionality, that’s sometimes what happens!

UBOS Beta 4: support for Mediagoblin, Webtrees and PostgreSQL

We are proud that UBOS beta 4 has been released:

Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine: UBOS is "clever"

Raspberry Pi Geek Magazin has a five-page (!) in-depth article on UBOS in its latest 03/2015 issue, calling UBOS “pfiffig” (clever) and “it is a lot of fun.

User Story: How I set up ownCloud on UBOS with VirtualBox behind a firewall

UBOS user Emmanual Arthur wrote us with this experience report. You can often find him on #ubos.

How to add an app to an existing site

Let’s say you have set up a site with one app (e.g. owncloud), as it is described in Setting up your first web app. What if you’d like to run a second app at the same site, say selfoss?

UBOS Beta 3 is out: added Raspberry Pi 2, Beagle Bone Black, and the UBOS Staff

We are proud that UBOS beta 3 has been released this morning.

Meetup on Monday, March 9

The next UBOS / Indie Box meetup is going to be on Monday, March 9, 6:30pm, at the Hacker Dojo, in Mountain View, CA.

Video: installing ownCloud 8 on UBOS with TLS

Our friends at ownCloud released their version 8 the day before we pushed out UBOS beta 2. We managed to include it at the last minute, and here is a video that shows how easy it is to install ownCloud on UBOS.

UBOS Beta 2 is here!

We’re proud to announce that UBOS is now available in its second beta release.