Learning from the toy appsΒΆ

UBOS provides two “toy” Apps that help explain how to package and distribute real web Apps on UBOS:

  • “Hello World” is an extremely simple Web applications that just displays Hello World when accessed over the web. We use it to give you a taste for what is involved to package web application for UBOS.
  • “Glad-I-Was-Here” is a slightly more complex “guestbook” web application that uses a relational database to store the guestbook entries. We use it to illustrate how to package web Apps that use a database. It now comes in four versions:
    • implemented in PHP with a MySQL backend, called gladiwashere-php-mysql;
    • implemented in PHP with a Postgresql backend, called gladiwashere-php-postgresql;
    • implemented in Java with a MySQL backend, called gladiwashere-java-mysql; and
    • implemented in Python/WSGI with a MySQL backend, called gladiwashere-python-mysql

The PHP versions of Glad-I-Was-Here can also be configured with an Accessory called gladiwashere-php-footer. This Accessory adds additional content (a footer) to the main web page. This demonstrates the basic functioning of Accessories.

Note: These toy Apps are published in the toyapps repository, which is not enabled by default. For how to enable, see Enabling non-standard package repositories.

You may want to read through the documentation for these Apps in this sequence: