UBOS state

State diagram

A device running UBOS can be thought of as always being in a particular state. The following diagram shows these as a state chart:

UBOS state chart

A UBOS device can either be in one of the following two major states:

  • “Powered Off”, or
  • “Powered On”.

When “Powered On”, initially it is:

  • “Booting”, until the boot process is complete and it is in state
  • “Operational”.
  • While ubos-admin is running, the device is in “In Maintenance”.

Once ubos-admin completes, the device goes back to being “Operational”. The device can further be:

  • “Shutting Down”, going back to “Powered Off”, or
  • “Rebooting”, going back to “Operational”.

While it hopefully never happens, the device can also be in state:

  • “Error”.

If the device enters one of the states shown with a gray background, a state transition callback is performed as described next.

State transitions

When UBOS transitions from one state to another, it invokes callbacks defined in /etc/state-callbacks. Callbacks are defined as follows:

  • Each file in /etc/state-callbacks defines one callback
  • Each callback file consists of a single line with the fully-qualified name of a Perl module with optional arguments that are passed-on verbatim, e.g. Some::Where::Callback a 17.
  • The Perl class must have a subroutine called stateChanged, which will be invoked when the device state changes. Arguments to the subroutine are: * the name of the new state * the remaining arguments from the callback file So in this example, the invocation may be Some::Where::Callback::stateChanged( 'Operational', 'a', 17 );

The values for the states are the same as the gray-shaded states shown in the diagram, except that blanks are removed: Operational, InMaintenance, ShuttingDown, Rebooting and Error.

Mapping to LED colors

For devices that support this, the UBOS state is indicated by the following LED colors:

Device State LED
Intel NUC 6 or 7 (x86_64 pc) Powered Off Power: red Ring: off
Powered On Operational Power: blue Ring: blue
In Maintenance Ring: yellow
Booting, or Shutting Down Ring: off
Rebooting Ring: off
Error Ring: red
Intel NUC 10 (x86_64 pc) Powered Off Power: off Disk: off
Powered On Operational Power: blue Disk: off
In Maintenance Disk: pulsing
Booting, or Shutting Down Disk: off
Rebooting Disk: off
Error Disk: on
Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 inside a Desktop Pi enclosure Powered Off Off
Powered On Operational, or Error On
In Maintenance Blinking
Booting, or Shutting Down, or Rebooting Brief blink, then On
ESPRESSObin with custom RGB LED (aarch64 espressobin) Powered Off Off
Powered On Operational Blue
In Maintenance Yellow
Booting, or Shutting Down, or Rebooting Green
Error Red