ubos-admin listnetconfigsΒΆ

See also Command reference.

In UBOS, a network configuration is a set of active network interfaces, their configuration, and the configuration of associated services such as DNS, firewall, and the like.

Some of the network configurations are pre-installed on all UBOS devices. Others come in other packages which need to be installed first.

UBOS knows about a set of possible netconfigs, but in the general case, only some of them can be applied to the current device. For example, netconfig that implements a router requires the device to have at least two network interfaces.

This command iterates through the netconfigs defined in Perl package UBOS::Networking::NetConfigs, determines which of those apply, and prints them. Adding the --all parameter, all netconfigs will be printed, regardless of whether they appear to applicable to the current device.

See also ubos-admin setnetconfig. The set of currently available network configurations is documented here.

See also: ubos-admin setnetconfig, ubos-admin shownetconfig.