ubos-admin read-configuration-from-staffΒΆ

See also Command reference and ubos-admin write-configuration-to-staff.

This command will attempt to read an attached UBOS staff and configure the device based on information found there.

Based on the provided options, the command may read from a particular device, or to attempt to automatically determine which attached device is a suitable UBOS staff.

This command is also performed automatically upon boot, unless disabled by setting ubos.readstaffonboot to false like this in file /etc/ubos/config.json:

"ubos" : {
     "readstaffonboot" : false

The following information is currently read from the UBOS staff:

  • from directory shepherd/ssh/, file will be used as the an authorized key for remote ssh access by the shepherd Linux user on the device.

Additional information may be read from the UBOS staff in the future.