ubos-admin undeployΒΆ

See also Command reference.

Assuming the Site to be undeployed exists, UBOS will perform the following steps:

  1. The Site will be suspended, and the frontpage will be replaced with a “site not found” message.
  2. All Apps and Accessories at the Site will be undeployed. For each of them, the manifest JSONs is processed for each of the roles, and each of the AppConfigItems is undeployed: files are deleted, directories deleted recursively, databases unprovisioned, and scripts run. The AppConfigItems will be processed in reverse sequence than during deployment.
  3. If a backup was requested, the backup will be created.
  4. All data of all the Apps and Accessories installed at the Site will be discarded. Depending on the Apps, this may include the deletion of uploaded files, and the “drop” of databases.

This command must be run as root (sudo ubos-admin undeploy).