Beta 10 Release Notes

For users

  • New features:
    • Create a Tor hidden service instead of a regular website by adding --tor to the ubos-admin createsite command.
  • Major app upgrades:
    • Nextcloud 11
    • Selfoss 2.16
  • Hundreds of upgraded packages.
  • Major bug fixes:
    • Improved build process so packages without signatures aren’t accidentally published.
    • VirtualBox image now has the proper package support, and uses btrfs
    • Automatic renewal of expiring LetsEncrypt certificate
    • Whether btrfs snapshots are created before and after ubos-admin update is now configurable. A number of issues was fixed relating to brtfs snapshots.
    • The shepherd user may now perform sudo snapper.
    • The mDNS hostname for UBOS on VirtualBox is now ubos-vbox-pc.local
  • Improved documentation.
  • All images for all platforms have been updated.

For developers

  • The repositories have been split into mainstream and experimental parts. For example, repository hl continues to contain “headless” applications; it has been joined by new repository hl-experimental that also contains “headless” applications, but whose support is tentative and may be removed in the future.

    By default, the experimental repositories are not active and must be enabled manually. To do so, copy /etc/pacman.d/repositories.d/hl to /etc/pacman.d/repositories.d/hl-experimental and edit the contained path to reference hl-experimental instead of hl.

Known issues

  • Mattermost requires the user invoke ubos-admin setnetconfig after install. This is because Mattermost opens up a non-standard port, and UBOS currently only reconfigures its firewall when ubos-admin setnetconfig is invoked.
  • When running UBOS in a VirtualBox virtual machine, and using the (default) Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM) virtual ethernet interface, UBOS may not be able to obtain a network connection, and messages containing “Reset adapter” may be continuously written the control. To avoid this, shut down the virtual machine, and from the VirtualBox toolbar select “Machine”, then “Settings”, click on the “Network” tab. For the active “Adapter 1”, click on “Advanced” and select Adapter Type “PCnet-PCI II”. Click “OK” and start the virtual machine again.
  • The original Raspberry Pi 1 may time out when attempting to set up a Tor site, and not complete the setup. We are currently considering to end-of-life for this device. The other Raspberry Pi’s will not be affected.
  • The BeagleBone Black boot process may not work correctly in all configurations. We are currently reconsidering support for this device, as there have been far fewer downloads for it than for other devices.

Other than that, nothing should get in your way. If you encounter something that does, file a bug on GitHub.

Thanks to contributors Julian Foad and pyj677.