Beta 16 Release Notes

To upgrade

To be safe, first create a backup of all your sites to a suitable file:

  • sudo ubos-admin backup --out ~/XXX.ubos-backup

Then, update your device:

  • sudo ubos-admin update -v

What’s new

Beta 16 had been intended to be a big release, but it turned out to be too big :-) so we broke it into two parts:

  • This Beta 16 is the first part, which focuses on Linux package upgrades. In this release, about 500 operating system packages were upgraded.
  • Beta 17 will then provide new features.

Notable package upgrades in this release:

  • Bitcoin
  • Certbot
  • Ethereum
  • Gcc
  • Go
  • Java
  • Linux kernel
  • Mariadb
  • Nodejs
  • Postgresql
  • Python
  • Redis
  • Ruby
  • Snapper
  • Virtualbox

Known issues

  • On x86_64 after the upgrade, ubos-admin update may trigger unnecessary reboots. To avoid those, run the command as: ubos-admin update --noreboot.