Beta 3 Release Notes

New features

  • Major: Support for ARM v7, in addition to ARM v6 and x86 (64bit). First supported devices on ARM v7 are the Raspberry Pi 2 , and the Beagle Bone Black.
  • Major: The UBOS staff for easy, secure device configuration without needing a keyboard or monitor. See blog post and The UBOS Staff.
  • Use hardware random generators where available on the device. This increases security and substantially reduces the time from first boot until the device is fully running on Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2, and Beagle Bone Black (ubos-admin issue 32 and ubos-admin issue 57). On VirtualBox, haveged is used to keep random generation times down.
  • Shrink size of the image. This is accomplished by not installing certain pages (like man pages) by default, which also improves boot times (ubos-admin issue 35 and ubos-admin issue 30)
  • ubos-admin createsite can now save the generated Site JSON to a file (ubos-admin issue 40)
  • There is progress output during lengthy ubos-admin createsite operations (ubos-admin issue 47)

Bug fixes

New packages

  • zip tools

Known issues

  • Some sections in the documentation are still placeholders (several doc issues)
  • haveged should be pre-installed and pre-configured, but not enabled on all devices, so users have the option to accelerate random number generation even before the network is up. This leads to long boot times on headless x86 PCs at this time (macrobuild-ubos issue 11)
  • Wildcard sites incorrectly redirect to https when TLS is used (ubos-admin issue 42)
  • Some incorrect configurations related to multiple apps at the same virtual host are not detected (ubos-admin issue 64 and ubos-admin issue 63)
  • Selfoss does not initialize on self-signed TLS site (ubos-selfoss issue 2)
  • Toy app gladiwashere-java cannot run on wildcard host (ubos-toyapps issue 4)

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