Beta 4 Release Notes

New features

  • New app: Mediagoblin, the GNU Project’s photo and media sharing application, is now available on UBOS for single-command installation and management (more about Mediagoblin)
  • New app: Webtrees, a full-featured web genealogy application, is now available on UBOS for single-command installation and management (more about Webtrees)
  • Major: Applications on UBOS can now use the Postgresql database as an alternative to MySQL (more about Postgresql)
  • MySQL is not required any more for UBOS, and instead demand-installed like Postgresql or applications.
  • UBOS now automatically generates an SSH key pair on a suitable flash drive (the “UBOS staff”) during boot that enables password-less, secure SSH login to the UBOS device over the network, with minimal hassle for the user (the “UBOS shepherd”). Read more about the UBOS staff.
  • Eliminate long initial boot times by activating pre-installed haveged. Simply run systemctl enable haveged.
  • Automatic system reboot if an upgrade advises that. The single-command full-stack upgrade ubos-admin update now uses a heuristic whether a reboot is necessary (e.g. if the Linux kernel was updated). Options exist to override this heuristic (ubos-admin issue 83, ubos-admin issue 43)
  • Better progress messages during long operations, e.g. generating the TLS keys for https websites (ubos-admin issue 61)
  • New command ubos-admin status is beginning to report on the device status. Currently it only reports on manually modified configuration files, but over time, it have more to say.
  • Applications can now specify that they need systemd services or timers. UBOS will activate/enable and deactivate/disable the corresponding services or timers when the application is deployed and undeployed. Mediagoblin already uses this for running background processing tasks.

Application upgrades

  • Jenkins: upgraded to 1.596.2
  • Known: upgraded to 0.7.5
  • ownCloud: upgraded to 8.0.2
  • Wordpress: upgraded to 4.1.1


  • The AppConfigItem type mysql-database has been renamed database, and can also be applied to databases other than MySQL.

Bug fixes

New packages

  • fakeroot, wpa_supplicant, postgresql, vim, ntop, iproute2, screen, lsof, arp-scan and others.

Quality assurance and testing

  • UBOS automated testing now tests a larger state machine of redeploys of an application: deploy app to named host, redeploy, to the same named host, redeploy to a wildcard host and back to the named host (ubos-tools issue 7)
  • UBOS automated testing now tests the generation of “well-known” files such as robots.txt.
  • Test harness now knows how to wait until a Tomcat application running behind an Apache reverse proxy is available (ubos-toyapps issue 2)

Known issues

Currently none.

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