Beta 5 Release Notes

New features and improvements

  • Containerization now supported:
    • UBOS can now run in Linux containers not just on x86_64, but also ARM v6 and ARM v7, i.e. on PCs and devices such as Raspberry Pi’s and Beagle Bone Black’s.
  • Major networking improvements:
    • Firewall: by default, UBOS now runs a stateful firewall that denies all incoming traffic other than traffic specifically allowed. What traffic is allowed depends on the network configuration in effect.
    • Added netconfig gateway: single-command configuration of a home gateway/router with private LAN, DHCP, local DNS, and a masquerading firewall. Allows app access from the LAN but not from the public internet.
    • Added netconfig standalone: single-command configuration of a network controller with DHCP and local DNS for disconnected networks.
    • Due to internal refactoring, adding netconfigs is now cleanly possible.
    • Moved to systemd-networkd for all networking; removed dhcpcd.
    • Now always runs systemd-timesyncd for system clock synchronization.
  • Better tools for app developers:
    • No more hybrid Arch/UBOS installation required for UBOS development: instead, UBOS now provides a separate package repository containing UBOS tools for Arch that can be cleanly added to an Arch installation.
    • webapptest now knows how to run tests in a systemd-nspawn container; this makes tests much faster, and consistent between x86 and ARM platforms. This is now the default.
    • webapptest options can be specified in a separate JSON file. Command-line options override. It also automatically generates any Shepherd ssh keys it needs for tests. This makes webapptest much simpler to use.
    • ubos-repo: protocol change for upload now using rsync. Also, cleanly supports multiple instances of ubos-repo on same host.
    • added ubos-misc-tools: git-360 and git-commits-since report on status of several git repositories at once.
  • Better Java support:
    • Upgraded to Java 8
    • diet4j Java package management available
    • Tomcat now always uses tomcat-native for improved performance
  • Application upgrades:
    • Jenkins, with a new patch that turns off Jenkins mDNS advertisements
    • Known
    • Mediagoblin. Also fixed installation issue on Raspberry Pi 2.
    • Mediawiki
    • Wordpress and plugins
    • and others.
  • Management infrastructure:
    • ubos-admin createsite now orders the questions about customization points in a way that can be specified by the developer with a new index field.
    • Consistently use deploy/undeploy vs install/uninstall operations names for Perl scripts in UBOS manifests.
    • Allow to add non-UBOS repositories that are consulted equally during the ubos-admin update process.
  • Major beauty surgery on the UBOS build process:
    • No more make involved.
    • All settings are in a global file, which can optionally be overwritten with a file.
    • Tasks can be shortcutted in settings files, e.g. macrobuild build-dev.
    • More predictable build sequence even for tasks specified as parallel.
    • Added --print-vars argument to macrobuild for easier build debugging.
    • Now setting the packager field on packages.
    • Now can build Java packages using maven as part of the process.
  • Documentation:
    • More detailed description of network configurations.
    • Updated to track all the other changes from beta 4.
  • Removed jenkins from ARM. It takes too many resources to run it.

To upgrade

All you need to do, as usual, is:

% sudo ubos-admin update

Your network configuration should not change. To use the new functionality, invoke:

% sudo ubos-admin setnetconfig <name>

where name is the name of the configuration you want, such as client.

If you have Java installed on your UBOS device, you must manually invoke:

% sudo archlinux-java set java-8-openjdk

Once we are out of beta, this kind of thing would be automated, of course, but for the time being this manual step is probably acceptable.

Known problems

  • The BeagleBone Black boot process may not work correctly in all configurations. We are currently reconsidering support for this device, as there have been far fewer downloads than for other devices.
  • The gateway network configuration adds a DNS rule to the wrong network interface. This prevents devices on the LAN from accessing the gateway’s DNS server.
  • ubos-install under some circumstances will fail due to missing a missing mkfs command. Workaround: pacman -S dosfstools and try again.
  • mDNS lookup is not automatically enabled. To enable, pacman -S nss-mdns.

Questions? Need help?

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Last updated: 2015-12-07 08:33 PST