Beta 6 Release Notes

New features

  • New platforms:
    • The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero is confirmed to run UBOS out of the box.
    • UBOS images are now available on the Docker hub.
  • Security:
    • All images uploaded to are now digitally signed by All packages had been signed previously.
  • New network configuration:
    • New network configuration public-gateway sets up UBOS in “home router” mode with masquerading etc just like network configuration gateway, except that installed apps are accessible not only from the local network but also from the public internet.
  • New packages:
    • Package netatalk (Apple file sharing protocols) is now available. So far, it requires manual configuration and is off by default.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Application upgrades:
    • ownCloud upgraded to 8.2.1.
  • Tool and build improvements:
    • webapptest, when running with the container scaffold, names its containers and associated virtual ethernet interfaces differently to avoid name collisions if more than one test is being run concurrently on the same host.
    • webapptest, when running with the container scaffold, will now automatically generate a new ssh keypair for container communication if none is given. This makes setup a lot easier.
    • Logging and error reporting improvements.
    • macrobuild parameters can now be overridden from the command-line.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The gateway network configuration now configures the DNS firewall rule correctly for devices on the local network.
    • No more manual package installations are required for ubos-install and mDNS. mDNS resolution works out of the box.
  • Other changes:
    • The home directory of the shepherd is now being created on /var.

To upgrade

All you need to do, as usual, is:

% sudo ubos-admin update

Known problems

  • The BeagleBone Black boot process may not work correctly in all configurations. We are currently reconsidering support for this device, as there have been far fewer downloads than for other devices.

Other than that, nothing should get in your way. If you encounter something that does, file a bug on GitHub.