Beta 9 Release Notes

For users

  • New apps and accessories:
    • Nextcloud 10 is now available. To install, specify nextcloud10 as the name of the app when you invoke ubos-admin createsite. To upgrade from Nextcloud 9, follow the instructions here.
    • The Wordpress themes “Pinboard”, “P2” and “Responsive” join the “Google analytics” plugin. When installing wordpress, specify one or more of wordpress-theme-pinboard, wordpress-theme-p2, wordpress-theme-responsive, or wordpress-plugin-google-analytics-for-wordpress as the Accessory.
  • Upgraded apps:
    • Mattermost 3.4.0
    • Mediawiki 1.27.1
    • Nextcloud9 9.0.54
    • Shaarli 0.8.0
    • Webtrees 1.7.8
    • Wordpress 4.6.1
  • New packages available:
    • smbclient for those users who like to mount their PC’s or NAS’s hard drive on UBOS.
    • crda for correct frequency selection when running WiFi.
  • New features:
    • It’s now easy to migrate from one app to another (assuming the apps support it). For example, to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud, all you need to do is to tell the UBOS restore command to use nextcloud9 instead of owncloud.
    • btrfs is now the default filesystem on all platforms for new UBOS installations.
    • To be extra safe, before and after UBOS upgrades, UBOS now takes snapshots of the file system with a tool called snapper. Should something have failed during the upgrade, restoring the previous state of affairs is now simple. Note: filesystem snapshots are not a replacement for backups, as they do nothing against disk failure.
    • New command ubos-admin setup-shepherd makes it easy to set up a UBOS shepherd account even if no Staff is used, such as when running UBOS in a Linux container during development.
    • A site can now be automatically deployed from the UBOS Staff: if a UBOS device boots with the Staff present, and the Staff defines a suitable site template, the device will automatically deploy the site once booting has fininshed.
  • Hundreds of upgraded packages.
  • All images for all platforms have been updated.
  • Major bug fixes:
    • Known: image upload now works.
    • Mattermost: password salts are now generated specific to each installation.
    • Boolean customizationpoints can now be entered when running ubos-admin createsite.
    • ubos-admin createsite has become more tolerant when mistyping the name of apps and other input.
    • Backups containing TLS secrets can now be restored with and without restoring the TLS.
    • Sites using LetsEncrypt TLS now correctly back up and restore.

For developers

  • Default values of customization points can now refer to parameters such as ${site.hostname}. This is particularly useful for instance-specific secrets such as password salts.
  • UBOS images can now be created so that one or more sites and apps are automatically deployed upon first boot of the image. This makes the creation of UBOS-based appliances running specific apps much simpler.

Known issues

  • Mattermost requires the user invoke ubos-admin setnetconfig after install. This is because Mattermost opens up a non-standard port, and UBOS currently only reconfigures its firewall when ubos-admin setnetconfig is invoked.

  • The BeagleBone Black boot process may not work correctly in all configurations. We are currently reconsidering support for this device, as there have been far fewer downloads for it than for other devices.

  • On Amazon EC2, if you upgrade an existing virtual server to beta9, you may need to first execute the following commands to update package signing keys:

    % sudo pacman -Sy
    % sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring ec2-keyring

Other than that, nothing should get in your way. If you encounter something that does, file a bug on GitHub.