ubos-admin status reports "Systemd unit ... has failed"


For example, when you run sudo ubos-admin status, you may get output:

% sudo ubos-admin status
 * Systemd unit snapper-cleanup.service has failed.

In this case, Systemd service snapper-cleanup.service has failed.

In the following, replace snapper-cleanup.service with the name of the unit that failed):

  1. Try to restart the service:

    % sudo systemctl restart snapper-cleanup.service
  2. After a little while, check whether that fixed it by running sudo ubos-admin status --problems again. If not, read on.

  3. To figure out why snapper-cleanup.service fails to start, ask for its log:

    % sudo journalctl -u snapper-cleanup.service

    If that brings up way too much information, you can limit the output to, say, the last 10 minutes, by invoking it as follows:

    % sudo journalctl -u snapper-cleanup.service --since -10m

That should give you enough information to figure out what the problem is.