Is it safe to have my Site accessible from the public web?


This is one of these unanswerable questions. Like: is it safe to go on a two-week vacation or will my house be broken into while I’m gone? We can’t quite answer that question.

But here are some thoughts:

  • If you use UBOS on the yellow (“beta”) release channel, assume there are bugs.

  • If you use UBOS on the green (“production”) release channel, still assume that there are bugs.

  • To see which bugs have been filed, go to Github <>_.

  • As an free project, UBOS is “as-is” and we make no warranties of any kind.

  • So far, we are not aware of any break-in or compromise of any UBOS system by anybody.

  • We run UBOS ourselves, and we definitely don’t want to be compromised.