I own a domain name, and I'd like to use it for my UBOS Device. How do I do that?


Generally, you do three things:

  • When you set up your Site with ubos-admin createsite, you specify that domain name. (You could also say *, but if you specify the domain name you can later add another Site with a different domain name that runs on the same Device.)

  • You make sure your Device can be reached from the public internet. This is trivial in some cases (like if your Device is a cloud server) and a bit more tricky if it is behind a firewall.

  • You instruct your domain name registrar or name server to resolve your domain to your Device. The exact details of this process depend on your registrar or name server, so we cannot describe this here. But in general, you set up an “A” record that points to the public IP address of your Device.