I want to move from one device to another, or from/to the cloud to/from a device


Maybe you use UBOS so much, you decided you need run it on a Device with a faster processor. Or you want to move your UBOS Sites from your Raspberry Pi to the cloud. Or maybe the other way around: in either case, you somehow need to recreate the same configuraiton of Sites and Apps on the new Device and transfer all your data.

Other server-based operating systems leave you to your fate and you have to painstakingly re-install on the new Device and then figure out how to move your data. Not so with UBOS. Simply do this:

On your old device, create a backup of all your Sites with a command such as:

% sudo ubos-admin backup --all --backuptofile all.ubos-backup

Then, transfer that file to your new, and blank UBOS Device. You do NOT need to install any Apps there, UBOS will do that for you. Then, on the new Device, restore the backup, with a command such as:

% sudo ubos-admin restore --in all.ubos-backup``

UBOS will restore all your Sites with all your data. Two commands, (plus transferring the file) is all it took!

We call this “Site hopping” or “Host hopping”.