How can I install more than one web App on the same Device?


You have two choices:

  • You can invoke ubos-admin createsite as many times as you wish and create as many Sites on your Device as you wish, each running one or more Apps.

    However, every time you invoke ubos-admin createsite again, you need to use a different hostname: createsite means that you are creating a separate Site every time; the command cannot modify an existing Site.

    This may be what you want – for example, every family member might have their own Site on your Site. Or, it might not be worth the extra complexity setting up several DNS entries.

  • You can augment an existing Site by adding another App to the same Site, accessible at the same hostname but at different Context Paths . To do that today, you need to obtain the existing Site’s Site JSON file and add another entry to it. This is described in How to modify the configuration of your Site.