I want to run ssh on a non-standard port


Some people like to run the ssh daemon on a non-standard port, in the hope that fewer attackers on the open internet probe it. Note that by default, UBOS only accepts public-key based authentication, not password-based authentication, so it’s not very likely that anybody can guess your credentials even if they try many times.

But if you’d like to run the ssh daemon on a non-standard port anyway, do this:

  • On your Device, edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Look for the line that says #Port 22. Remove the # and change the 22 to the port number you want. Save. (This configures the ssh daemon to listen to a different port.)

  • Create new file /etc/ubos/open-ports.d/ssh and enter a single line with content <PPP>/tcp where <PPP> is the port number you picked. Save. (This tells UBOS which extra port to open in the firewall.)

  • Execute sudo ubos-admin setnetconfig client. Substitute the name of your Network Configuration for client if you are not using client. (This will reconfigure the firewall.)

  • Execute sudo systemctl restart sshd.service. (This will restart the ssh daemon.)