Verify your downloaded UBOS image


You can verify that your UBOS image downloaded correctly by verifying its digital signature. To do this, you need to have Gnu Privacy Guard (gpg) and curl installed on the machine to which you downloaded the UBOS image.

  1. Download the file containing the digital signature for your image. The signature file can be found at the same URL as the image, with .sig appended.

    For example, if you downloaded your image from, the corresponding signature file will be at

  2. Import the UBOS buildmaster’s GnuPG public key into your keychain:

    % curl -L | gpg --import
  3. Verify the download by invoking gpg --verify with the downloaded signature file as the first argument, and the image file as the second:

    % gpg --verify ubos_yellow_x86_64-vbox_XXX.vmdk.xz.sig ubos_yellow_x86_64-vbox_XXX.vmdk.xz

    If everything checks out, it will print:

    gpg: Signature made ...
    gpg: Good signature from "UBOS buildmaster <>"
    gpg: ...

    You can ignore any message about “no indication that the signature belongs to the owner”.

    If there was a problem, it will print:

    gpg: Signature made ...
    gpg: BAD signature from "UBOS buildmaster <>"