Upgrading and keeping your Device current


UBOS makes this really simple:

% sudo ubos-admin update

This single command will perform all necessary steps. This includes:

  1. Checking whether software upgrades are available.

  2. Displaying an “upgrade in progress” message to users who attempt to access any of the Sites on your Device over the web during the upgrade.

  3. Creating a file system snapshot.

  4. Temporarily backing up the data of all Apps current deployed on your Device.

  5. Undeploying all Apps currently deployed on your Device.

  6. Downloading and installing upgraded Packages.

  7. If needed, rebooting the Device (e.g. for kernel upgrades).

  8. Redeploying the same Apps as before in the same configuration, but in their new version(s).

  9. Restoring all data to the redeployed Apps.

  10. Performing whatever data migration is necessary to use the data with the new versions of the Apps.

  11. Removing the “upgrade in progress” message.

How long an update takes depends on many factors, including the number and size of the updated Packages, the amount of data that needs to be backed up, restored, and migrated, the number of installed Apps, as well as processor, disk and network speed.


Sometimes, upgrading may require additional steps. Please review UBOS Release Notes prior to upgrading.