Setting up a UBOS development machine


For UBOS development, you can use:

We recommend you use Arch Linux for UBOS development. Arch is very similar to UBOS, and has a full range of development tools. To use Arch as the OS for UBOS development on one of the above platforms, you need to:

  1. Prepare the hardware, or virtual machine
  2. Install Arch Linux
  3. Add the UBOS tools
  4. Optionally, run UBOS in a Linux container on that Arch host

Depending on your hardware choice, continue with the corresponding section below:

  1. Prepare a PC to develop for UBOS using Arch Linux
  2. Prepare a VirtualBox virtual machine to develop for UBOS using Arch Linux
  3. Continuing the Arch Linux installation on a PC or virtual machine
  4. Finishing the Arch development installation by adding UBOS tools
  5. Testing your App in a UBOS container running on the Arch Linux development host