ubos-admin backup-to-amazon-s3ΒΆ

See also Command reference and ubos-admin backup.

This command performs essentially the same action as ubos-admin backup, followed by:

  • accessing the user’s Amazon Web Services S3 account, using the credentials provided to it when first run. This credentials are stored at /etc/amazons3/aws-config-for-backup;
  • creating an S3 bucket if specified;
  • uploading the backup file to the specified S3 bucket;
  • deleting the local file.

Optionally, the command can, beforing uploading, first encrypt the backup using GPG with a key pair available in the user’s default GPG key store and identified on the command-line.

Note that this command is not installed by default but contained in optional package amazons3.

This command must be run as root (sudo ubos-admin backup-to-amazon-s3).

See also: ubos-admin restore.