UBOS Personal Data Mesh


The UBOS Personal Data Mesh is a new software component in the overall UBOS architecture, which is shown here:

The UBOS Personal Data Mesh is middleware that:

  • manages personal data in a fine-grained (not file-based) manner;
  • has a range of importers to import data from Facebook, Google, Amazon and other major collectors of personal data;
  • is based on MeshBase, an in-memory, strongly typed, graph-centric, multi-paradigm database with explicit semantic models;
  • enables the development of “L-Apps” that make use of that integrated personal data.

The UBOS Personal Data Mesh is still in active development.

To learn more, consult the developer documentation and join the Dazzle Telegram Group.

What could you build if you had access to all the same data that Facebook has about a user? And Google. And Amazon. And and and. All in one place, with nice, consistent APIs regardless where the data came from.

Now you can. Intrigued? Please join us.