Developer Documentation


  1. Developer tutorials
    1. Build and run your first UBOS Standalone App using Docker
    2. How to package UBOS Standalone Apps built with a variety of platforms
    3. Alternate development setup on Linux with systemd-nspawn and btrfs
  2. Build and release process
  3. UBOS Linux Reference
    1. UBOS Manifest
    2. Site JSON
    3. A complex deployment example
    4. UBOS Networking
    5. Allocating and opening up non-default ports
    6. Logging
    7. UBOS state
    8. UBOS Backup format
    9. Format of the App Status JSON
    10. Testing standalone Apps with "webapptest"
    11. Understanding ubos-admin
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. Potentially useful infrastructure for standalone Apps
    2. Middleware-specific notes
    3. Setting up an Arch Linux system
  5. Developer FAQ
    1. Doesn’t apt / dpkg / yum / pacman etc. does what ubos-admin does already?
    2. Doesn’t puppet / chef / ansible etc. does what ubos-admin does already?
    3. Doesn't Docker do what ubos-admin does already?
    4. Why do you advise against using a Raspberry Pi or other ARM device as a UBOS development machine?
    5. Differences between the ubos-target container and a typical UBOS production system