UBOS apps update available (2019-05-09)

Apps have been updated on all release channels.

UBOS update available (2019-04-03)

This updated, on the “green” (“production”) release channel, aggregates several of the previously made updates on the “yellow” channel. It includes changes and extensions both an UBOS operating system level, and for applications.

UBOS "yellow" update available (2019-03-29)

This update has new packages both on the UBOS operating system level, and for applications. Sometimes, we have to do both at the same time!

Clarifying trademarks and copyright related to licensing

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has asked us to make certain changes to the text of the Personal Public License that we are using for some parts of UBOS, in order to avoid confusion around trademarks and copyrights held by the FSF.

UBOS Beta 17 available

There is lots of new stuff in this update. But before we get there:

Installing Nextcloud 15 on UBOS versus other Linux distros

Release channel update

Indie Computing announces UBOSbox Nextcloud and UBOS Live

At the Nextcloud conference in Berlin, Germany, Indie Computing Corp., the company sponsoring UBOS Linux, announced new products and services that bring the benefits of UBOS to non-technical users.

UBOS Beta 15: status LEDs, Pagekite and Staff improvements

Two important conferences are coming up:

UBOS Beta 14: support for data disks and more

Just in time for the Let’s Self-host Installathon at Linuxfest NorthWest in Bellingham, WA, UBOS beta 14 is out!