Release notes: apps update 2020-06-03


To upgrade

To be safe, first create a backup of all your Sites, with a command such as:

  • sudo ubos-admin backup --all --backuptodirectory ~

Then, update your device:

  • sudo ubos-admin update -v

Major package upgrades in this version

  • Matomo

  • Nextcloud and many Nextcloud accessories

  • MediaWiki

  • Webtrees

  • WordPress and many WordPress accessories


Common use cases for modifying deployed Sites are now described here.

Known issues

If you are running Wordpress with a theme that is not bundled by default any more in recent releases, Wordpress may come up blank after the upgrade. To fix, log into Wordpress from the browser (at relative URL /wp-admin) and select a different theme. Or add your old theme into your Site JSON as an explicit accessory.

Bug fixes

The usual: fixed bugs and made improvements. You can find the closed issues on Github tagged with milestone ubos-apps-22.

Need help?

Post to the UBOS forum.