Release notes: apps update 2020-03-09


To upgrade

To be safe, first create a backup of all your sites, with a command such as:

  • sudo ubos-admin backup --all --backuptodirectory ~

Then, update your device:

  • sudo ubos-admin update -v

What’s new

Nextcloud Hub is now available natively on UBOS

Like the collaboration features of Google Docs? But not the (lack of) privacy? The new Nextcloud Hub now provides features very similar to Google Docs through an integration with OnlyOffice, and you can run them on your UBOS device that you control. So you, and only you, decide who gets to see your data.

Our friends at Nextcloud have more details about Nextcloud Hub. And on UBOS, you can install it with just a single command:

sudo ubos-admin createsite

Specify nextcloud as the app, and your selection of accessories, such as: nextcloud-cache-redis, nextcloud-calendar, nextcloud-contacts, nextcloud-documentserver-community, nextcloud-onlyoffice, nextcloud-spreed, nextcloud-text.`

Available on x86_64 only, not ARM (an OnlyOffice limitation).

Significant new functionality:

  • Nextcloud full-text search. Install accessories nextcloud-fulltextsearch, nextcloud-files-fulltextsearch and nextcloud-fulltextsearch-elasticsearch.

  • Nextcloud real-time document editing (see above).

Package upgrades:

  • Mastodon

  • Matomo

  • Mattermost

  • Mediawiki, and accessories

  • Nextcloud, and accessories, have a major new version

  • phpBB

  • Webtrees has a major new version

  • Wordpress

Known issues

If you run the Nextcloud OnlyOffice integration (accessory nextcloud-documentserver-community), you may receive message “ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin”. This is because you accessed your Nextcloud through a hostname or IP address different from what the Nextcloud installation expected.

To set the address at which the document server is available, go to the OnlyOffice Settings in the Nextcloud user interface (as administrator, go to Settings, section Administration, select ONLYOFFICE), and edit the Document Editing Service address. The URL there must start with the same protocol, hostname and path as the URL you are using to access Nextcloud.

You may also need to set this the first time you access Nextcloud after initial deployment.

This has been filed as an issue with the Nextcloud project here.

Bug fixes

The usual: fixed bugs and made improvements. You can find the closed issues on Github tagged with milestone ubos-apps-21.

Need help?

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