UBOS update available on all release channels (August 2020)


A new UBOS update is available on all release channels and all platforms.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Raspberry Pi 4 is now supported.
  • UBOS has become even smarter about dependency management: if an Accessory requires another, you don’t need to specify the second one any more when creating or updating a Site. This is a great time saver when running Apps such as Wordpress or Nextcloud where Accessories often depend on others.
  • Improvement to the HTML generated for the UBOS Staff.
  • More customization options are available for Nextcloud
  • Speed improvements, bug fixes and lots of little things that make day-to-day work with UBOS even simpler. Like ubos-admin listsites --with <app>.

As usual, the details are in the release notes.