Website update makes information easier to find


We are happy to release the updated UBOS website. Among other things:

  • There is now a Glossary. If you were ever wondering what UBOS means when it says Site or AppConfigItem, you know where to go! Much of the documentation has been updated to link to the glossary.

  • The user FAQ, howto and troubleshooting pages have been restructured and merged into a single place here, so solution to problems are easier to find.

  • The Developer documentation has been restructured and is now easier to browse.

  • There is breadcrumb navigation throughout the documentation.

  • Some URLs have moved. Sorry about that.

  • Most importantly for us, although maybe not for you, the reader, the entire ubos.net site is now generated by Hugo, instead of the previous combination of Hugo and Sphinx (and before that, Jekyll and Sphinx). Porting was a lot of work, but going forward, maintenance should be much simpler.

  • The Github ubos-docs repo will be retired, because everything is now in the ubos-website repo.