Well-known ports for Apps and Accessories


Some apps or accessories need to open up ports, such as:

  • externally, e.g. for communications with the users' rich clients

  • internally, e.g. so two daemons can communicate.

A further distinction is whether there needs to be:

  • one port per AppConfiguration (i.e. when the App is deployed more than once on the same Device, each of them needs to have a separate port)

  • one port shared by all AppConfigurations of the same App on the same Device. This is uncommon, but happens if all of them can talk to the same instance of a daemon like memcached without conflicts.

To allocate AppConfiguration-specific ports

This is handled by AppConfigItems of type tcpport and udpport as documented in Roles section.

To allocate a single port used by all AppConfigurations of an App

Please get in touch to have your port placed on this list. The following port numbers are well-known so far:

Port Protocol Name of App or Accessory Description
6001 tcp decko decko-memcached.service listens at this port for all Decko instances on this Device.