Using Docker for development


You can use Docker containers to develop and test Apps and Accessories for UBOS.

If you do that, other than Docker and Docker Compose, you don’t need to install any other development tools. You can use your preferred editor on you development workstation. And you also get a realistic UBOS run-time environment for testing.

Our preferred Docker develoment environment uses two Docker containers:

  • container ubos-develop runs UBOS, with common UBOS build tools pre-installed. You use this build UBOS packages, as as for App and Accessories.

  • container ubos-target runs a UBOS production environment. You deploy your UBOS packages there to run and test them. This container is

TTo set up and use this two-container Docker environment:

  1. Setting up the two-Docker-container development environment
  2. The Build-Deploy-Test cycle with the two-container setup
  3. Differences between the ubos-target container and a typical UBOS production system