UBOS Manifest


See also glossary entry UBOS Manifest.

Each App or Accessory on UBOS has a ubos-manifest.json file, which contains the meta-data that allows UBOS to correctly deploy, undeploy, backup, restore, upgrade etc. the App or Accessory.

This manifest optionally also contains human-readable information about the Package that contains the App or Accessory and hence the UBOS Manifest file. The UBOS Manifest file augments the information in the PKGBUILD file used by the pacman package manager that UBOS invokes.

This section describes the UBOS manifest and how to use it.

  1. Structure of the UBOS Manifest
  2. Info section
  3. Roles section
  4. Customization points section
  5. Appinfo section
  6. Accessoryinfo section
  7. Variables available at deploy or undeploy
  8. Functions that may be applied to variables
  9. Creating random values
  10. Scripts in UBOS Manifests