Command: ubos-admin createsite



To see the supported options, invoke ubos-admin createsite --help.

Unless the --dry-run command is given, this command must be run as root (sudo ubos-admin createsite).


This command is best understood as a wrapper around Command: ubos-admin deploy which:

  • creates a Site JSON from information provided interactively by the user on the terminal;

  • optionally, generates an OpenSSL key pair and a self-signed certificate and inserts those into the Site JSON file;

  • optionally, obtains a LetsEncrypt SSL/TLS certificate. Due to the way LetsEncrypt operates, this only works on Devices that have a publicly accessible IP address and public DNS has been set up to resolve the hostname of the to-be-created Site to that Device.

  • deploys the generated Site JSON file using Command: ubos-admin deploy.

  • optionally, the user can provide a template Site JSON file as an argument to the command. If so, the user will only be asked for information that is not already contained in the template Site JSON file.

This command does nothing that Command: ubos-admin deploy cannot do. It only exists for ease-of-use purposes, so users do not need to edit Site JSON files directly.

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