Command: ubos-admin listnetconfigs



To see the supported options, invoke ubos-admin listnetconfigs --help.


In UBOS, a Network Configuration is a set of active network interfaces, their configuration, and the configuration of associated services such as DNS, firewall, and the like.

Some of the network configurations are pre-installed on all UBOS Devices. Others come in other packages which need to be installed first. Only some of the installed Network Configurations may be applicable to the Device on which they were installed: for example, a Network Configuration that implements a router requires the Device to have at least two network interfaces, which the Device may or may not have; this may also change over time as network cards are added or removed.

This command iterates through the Network Configurations defined in Perl package UBOS::Networking::NetConfigs, determines which of those are applicable to the current Device in the current configuration, and prints them. Adding the --all parameter, all Network Configurations will be printed, regardless of whether they appear to applicable to the current Device.

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