Command: ubos-admin write-configuration-to-staff



To see the supported options, invoke ubos-admin write-configuration-to-staff --help.

This command must be run as root (sudo ubos-admin writ-configuration-to-staff).


This command will attempt to write the device’s current configuration to an attached UBOS Staff.

Based on the provided options, the command may write to a particular USB device, or to attempt to automatically determine which attached USB device is a suitable UBOS Staff.

The following information is currently written to the UBOS staff:

  • in directory flock/<hostid>/ssh, file will contain the device’s SSH host key, where <hostid> is the device’s host id (i.e. the fingerprint of the device’s public GPG key)

  • the Site JSON files of the Sites currently deployed on the Device.

  • system logs of the Device that can be helpful for off-device debugging of issues with the UBOS Device.

Additional information may be written to the UBOS staff in the future.

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