What we'd love to build / see built on the UBOS Personal Data Mesh


An overview over use case categories:


  1. Import data from where it exists today:

    • Data rights manager
    • Exercise right of access
    • Exercise right to delete.
  2. User for their own benefit

    • Data palace, personal archive
    • The place for information work
    • Unified personal news feed with pluggable algorithms
    • Self-tracking, self-analytics
    • Personal AIs
  3. When interacting with others like them

    • Decentralized publishing and sharing
    • Decentralized social media
    • About me page
    • Productivity environment for groups
    • Data-rich community spaces
  4. When interacting with businesses

    • Personalization endpoint
    • Data sharing contract negotiator
    • Identitiy and data provider
    • Intelligent agent / empowered digital twin
    • Demand channels
    • Offer channels
    • VRM use cases


Here is a collection of ideas.

More importers, of course

  • The rest of Google:

    • Gmail. Parse senders and receivers, augment address book. Keep threads.

    • Youtube.

    • Location

  • The rest of Facebook, including:

    • Location. Needs to be merged with Google’s.
  • Amazon, in particular:

    • Purchases DONE
  • LinkedIn, further augmenting the address book.

  • Netflix watching history.

  • macOS address book

  • Web browsing history. Needs a browser plugin? Maybe a bookmarklet?

  • Banking and credit card info

  • Various data brokers


  • Easy correction of misidentified people / profile matches.

  • Augment Person Viewlet so other properties can be edited easily, like addresses, e-mail etc

  • Address book record “aging” … people who we haven’t had contact with in a long time “fade out” of the work set.

  • various graphs with self-analytics, e.g. photo post frequency, Facebook post frequency, most common e-mail addressees etc


A “room” is a workbench created for, and optimized for the needs of a particular use case.

A “project room”

Different variations depending on the type of project. Has:

  • to-do items
  • “in-box” with bookmarked URLs. When bookmarking anything, a special flag tags the bookmark to be relevant for this project, and then it shows up in its in-box until “worked down”.
  • list of stakeholders (relationships to instances of Person) with a project-specific set of notes.

“Research room”

Special case of a “project room”. Can be applied to different types of research, e.g. competitor research (“market for X”) or product research (“Which CLR should I buy?”).

  • list of products/companies, each with a description, link that’s specific to the project
  • list of “features”, each of which defines a data type (e.g. boolean: product does / does not have certain feature like “Japanese user manual”, or weight)
  • fill in “matrix” between company/product and feature
  • relationship to bookmarks, identifying the source of the information for the value in the matrix.

etc. etc.