Developer setup


Just like you need a PC running Windows to develop for Windows, or an iPhone to develop for iOS, you need a computer running UBOS Linux to develop for UBOS.

But fear not: a virtualized computer, like a Docker container running UBOS Linux, works just fine. In fact, it works better than actual physical hardware, because you can easily blow it away and start again from a clean slate without reinstallation. No new hardware purchases are required!

While of course other setups are possible – it’s Turing Machines all the way down! – we recommend you choose one of the following configurations:

  1. Developing using Docker (all Intel platforms)
  2. Developing using a systemd-nspawn container (Linux host only)
  3. Developing using Arch Linux on VirtualBox x86_64 with a systemd-nspawn container
  4. Developing using Arch Linux on Parallels on Apple Silicon with a systemd-nspawn container