Release notes: apps update 2019-05-09


To upgrade

To be safe, first create a backup of all your sites to a suitable file, with a command such as:

  • sudo ubos-admin backup --backuptodirectory ~

Then, update your device:

  • sudo ubos-admin update -v

What’s new

New functionality:

  • When redeploying a site that runs Nextcloud with a changed site administrator password, the site administrator password will be changed on the Nextcloud administrator account. This simplifies administrator password reset.

Package upgrades:

  • Nextcloud has been upgraded to version 16. From the release notes: It “… introduces machine learning to detect suspicious logins and offering clever recommendations. Group Folders now sport access control lists so system administrators can easily manage who has access to what in organization-wide shares. There are also Projects, a way to easily relate and find related information like files, chats or tasks.”

  • The following Nextcloud accessories were upgraded:

    • nextcloud-bookmarks
    • nextcloud-calendar
    • nextcloud-contacts
    • nextcloud-deck
    • nextcloud-group-everyone
    • nextcloud-groupfolders
    • nextcloud-mail
    • nextcloud-markdown
    • nextcloud-news
    • nextcloud-notes
    • nextcloud-onlyoffice
    • nextcloud-passwords
    • nextcloud-spreed
  • mediawiki upgrade to 1.32.1, and corresponding mediawiki-ext-confirmaccount upgrade

  • Minor decko upgrade

  • Wordpress has been upgraded to version 5.1.1.

  • The following Wordpress accessories were upgraded:

    • wordpress-plugin-google-analytics-for-wordpress
    • wordpress-plugin-indieauth
    • wordpress-plugin-indieweb-post-kinds
    • wordpress-plugin-micropub
    • wordpress-plugin-pterotype
    • wordpress-plugin-seo
    • wordpress-plugin-social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g
    • wordpress-plugin-syndication-links
    • wordpress-plugin-wp-mail-smtp


  • Removed duplicate Referer-Policy header for Nextcloud
  • Added iconv dependency for Selfoss
  • Added gd dependency for Shaarli
  • Added files for some functionality in Webtrees

Known issues

  • ubos-admin status emits some (harmless) errors under some circumstances.

  • Running Pagekite with ubos-admin start-pagekite on a device that runs a wildcard site (ie a site whose hostname was specified as *) may not forward the traffic correctly. Redeploy the site with its public hostname instead.

Need help?

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