Apps on UBOS


Currently available apps (alphabetically). Install with sudo ubos-admin createsite:

[Amazon SES]

Amazon SES

Send e-mail via Amazon’s Simple E-mail Service (SES).

Use package name amazonses.



Static file hosting with SSH-based upload.

Use package name docroot.



Open web analytics platform (formerly Piwik).

Use package name matomo.



The wiki that Wikipedia runs on.

Use package name mediawiki.



A safe home for all your data.

Use package name nextcloud.




Use package name phpbb.



Redirects to another site.

Use package name redirect.



Multipurpose RSS reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application.

Use package name selfoss.



Personal, minimalist, super-fast, bookmarking service

Use package name shaarli.



Full-featured web genealogy app

Use package name webtrees.



Blog tools, publishing platform, and CMS.

Use package name wordpress.

Available in beta (“yellow” release channel only):



Dynamic websites from creatively organized cards.

Use package name decko.



Indieweb publishing platform for everyone.

Use package name known.



Free, open-source, decentralized microblogging network.

Use package name mastodon.



Open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative.

Use package name mattermost.

[UBOS Mesh]


Put your Facebook, Google and other data under your own control

Use package name ubos-mesh-underbars-mysql.



A river-of-news RSS aggregator.

Use package name river.


Some apps have accessories, which you an install in order to add functionality or styling to the app. To install, list the name(s) of the accessories when asked as you execute sudo ubos-admin createsite:


  • known-plugin-linkedin: integrate your Known with LinkedIn
  • known-plugin-wordpress: integrate your Known with WordPress


  • mediawiki-ext-confirmaccount: cut down on wiki spam by making registration harder


Additional features:

  • nextcloud-audioplayer: audio player
  • nextcloud-bookmarks: bookmark management
  • nextcloud-bruteforcesettings: protection against brute-force password guess attempts
  • nextcloud-cache-redis: Redis-based cache for faster operations
  • nextcloud-calendar: calendaring
  • nextcloud-contacts: contact management
  • nextcloud-deck: kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams
  • nextcloud-documentserver-community: server-side component for OnlyOffice
  • nextcloud-extract: file decompression and extraction
  • nextcloud-files-fulltextsearch: full-text search for common file types
  • nextcloud-files-rightclick: adds a right click menu
  • nextcloud-forms: self-hosted forms for surveys and questionnaires
  • nextcloud-fulltextsearch-elasticsearch: full-text search backend
  • nextcloud-fulltextsearch: basic full-text search app
  • nextcloud-group-everyone: adds a virtual “everyone” group
  • nextcloud-groupfolders: admin configured folders shared by everyone in a group
  • nextcloud-mail: web mail
  • nextcloud-markdown: markdown support
  • nextcloud-news: news reader
  • nextcloud-notes: note taking
  • nextcloud-onlyoffice: edit formatted documents right in your browser by integrating with OnlyOffice
  • nextcloud-passwords: password manager
  • nextcloud-richdocuments: edit formatted documents right in your browser by integrating with Collabora
  • nextcloud-richdocumentscode: server-side component of the Collabora integration
  • nextcloud-social: Fediverse-based social networking right in Nextcloud (beta-quality)
  • nextcloud-socialsharing-email: share links via e-mail
  • nextcloud-socialsharing-facebook: share links via Facebook
  • nextcloud-socialsharing-twitter: share links via Twitter
  • nextcloud-spreed: chat and video conferencing
  • nextcloud-tasks: task management
  • nextcloud-twofactor-totp: Two-factor authentication


  • nextcloud-bruteforcesettings: protect Nextcloud from attempts to guess user passwords
  • nextcloud-passwords: password manager

Social networking:

  • nextcloud-social: decentralized social media via the Fediverse
  • nextcloud-socialsharing-email: sharing of files via email
  • nextcloud-socialsharing-facebook: sharing of files via Facebook
  • nextcloud-socialsharing-twitter: sharing of files via Twitter


  • nextcloud-cache-redis to run a Redis cache to speed up Nextcloud


  • phpbb-extension-shareon: share posts on social media
  • phpbb-extension-googleanalytics: Google Analytics support


Additional features:

  • wordpress-plugin-bridgy-publish: syndicate to and from social networks via
  • wordpress-plugin-indieauth: support for IndieAuth single-sign-on
  • wordpress-plugin-indieweb: IndieWeb support
  • wordpress-plugin-indieweb-post-kinds: add more IndieWeb post kinds
  • wordpress-plugin-indieweb-press-this: respond to the current page
  • wordpress-plugin-micropub: MicroPub support
  • wordpress-plugin-semantic-linkbacks: semantic linkback support
  • wordpress-plugin-syndication-links: add syndication microformats
  • wordpress-plugin-webmention: add WebMention support
  • wordpress-plugin-wp-uf2: add microformats to your posts
  • wordpress-plugin-google-analytics-for-wordpress: add Google Analytics support
  • wordpress-plugin-seo: add Search Engine Optimization functionality
  • wordpress-plugin-photo-dropper: easily find and add pictures to posts
  • wordpress-plugin-wp-mail-smtp: make configuration of outgoing mail simpler


  • wordpress-theme-independent-publisher: the Independent Publisher theme
  • wordpress-theme-p2: the P2 theme
  • wordpress-theme-pinboard: the Pinboard theme
  • wordpress-theme-responsive: the Response theme
  • wordpress-theme-sempress: the Sempress theme
  • the default themes starting with wordpress-theme-twentytwelve.

Social networking:

  • wordpress-plugin-social-networks-auto-posted-facebook-twitter-g: automatically post to social networks.