THEIR things or OUR things? Talk on Indie IoT


Johannes Ernst, primary UBOS developer, will be giving a talk at next week’s “Internet of Things Silicon Valley” meeting titled:

THEIR things or OUR things?
Let’s build a more customer-centric, privacy-respecting "indie" IoT instead.

Update: Slides are now available (formats: PDF with notes Keynote)

This talk is focused on the big picture that makes technologies such as UBOS so important, here applied to the rapidly growing Internet of Things.

From the event description:

Imagine Google disables your account because your teenage son uploaded some copyrighted movies. Are you sure that when you feel cold later that day, you’ll still be able to turn up your Nest thermostat?

Imagine the company from which you bought your lights or door locks or window shades goes out of business and their cloud goes down. Does that mean you need to remodel your house?

Imagine you like to connect a Thing from company A to a Thing from company B, but they just sued each other over something. Do you really think that will work?

In this talk, we’ll first look at every IoT company's favorite strategy — lock their customers into their cloud — and the consequences this has for you and me. (Hint: they are not good.) Then, I’ll outline an alternate "indie IoT" architecture which doesn’t spy, doesn’t lock-in, and delivers more business opportunities and more customer value. It’s my goal with this talk to give you some ideas how the world could be better than mainstream thinking has it, and it’s my hope that you join the cause in making it so.