Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine: UBOS is "clever"


Raspberry Pi Geek Magazin has a five-page (!) in-depth article on UBOS in its latest 03/2015 issue, calling UBOS “pfiffig” (clever) and “it is a lot of fun.

In spite of its English-sounding title, the magazine is actually published in German.

Here are some snippets translated into English:

Setting up a personal cloud with Ubos

You Are The Boss

More and more people would like to keep control over their data. The avenue to your own personal cloud could hardly be any easier than with Ubos -- and that in spite of doing without a graphical user interface. By Ferdinand Thommes.

README: With UBOS you can set up a small server in a short amount of time and without a lot of upfront knowledge, and run web applications such as ownCloud or Wordpress and others in the browser. You can use an obsolete PC or a Raspberry Pi 2.

Summary: UBOS convinces through its easy-to-use usage concept. The developers decided against a graphical user interface, and created high-level commands that almost all follow the same pattern and thus can be memorized easily. The system is a lot of fun on the Raspberry Pi 2. All currently available apps run without problems, as they did on the previous models B and B+ of the first version of the small computer. While there sometimes were delays for instances of ownCloud or Wordpress with larger data sets, the new version acts much more fluid with the power of the four cores.