UBOS Beta 6: now supporting Raspberry Pi Zero, Docker and more


Hot on the heels of beta 5, here is beta 6 already. It was intended only as a bug fix release, but those bugs got squashed faster than expected, and so UBOS also got a few new features while we were at it.

Here are the highlights:

  • It’s hard to believe, but $5 buys you a gigahertz processor, half a gig of RAM, HDMI video and lots of programmable I/O pins; in other words, a Raspberry Pi Zero. We are proud to announce that UBOS now runs on the Raspberry Pi Zero, in addition to the original one and version 2. (Go to installation instructions.)

  • What else is hot in the computing universe? Docker, of course. And as of now, UBOS also runs on Docker. (Here is how.)

  • Want to run web applications at home, but also access them over the internet? The new UBOS network configuration public-gateway lets you set up your UBOS device as a router for your home network, and access your apps on your public IP address. Just say

    % sudo ubos-admin setnetconfig public-gateway

    (More info.)

  • And of course the usual: some packages have been upgraded, bugs have been fixed etc.

And as you probably know: to upgrade everything on your device, all you need to say is:

% sudo ubos-admin update

The more detailed release notes are here.

We’d love your feedback.