Indie Computing announces UBOSbox Nextcloud and UBOS Live


At the Nextcloud conference in Berlin, Germany, Indie Computing Corp., the company sponsoring UBOS Linux, announced new products and services that bring the benefits of UBOS to non-technical users.

  • UBOSBox Nextcloud is a hardware appliance which pre-installs UBOS, and auto-installs Nextcloud, the open-source file management and collaboration app. UBOSBox Nextcloud allows non-technical users to “bring their data home” from the file sharing services such as Dropbox, or on-line calendars like Google Calendar, to hardware the user has full control over in their home, without needing to deal with software installation or configuration. It is designed to be used without needing a monitor or keyboard.

    UBOSBox Nextcloud comes in three configurations: UBOSbox Nextcloud on NUC (model A) is based on the Intel NUC mini-PC with a low-power Celeron processor. UBOSbox Nextcloud on NUC (model B) packs about twice the punch with twice the memory and disk, and an i5 processor. UBOSbox Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi is a lower-price option that comes as a kit that requires hardware assembly by the user. Software is pre-installed on all configurations.

  • UBOS Live is a new management service for devices running UBOS. This enables users to outsource ongoing management and systems administration of the home servers running UBOS to Indie Computing. Indie Computing will upgrade and patch the installed operating systems and installed apps on an ongoing basis over the network, monitor hardware for potential failures, and, if needed, perform any necessary other maintenance tasks.

UBOSBox Nextcloud is available for immediate order at indiecomputing.com, with delivery starting in September.

Watch the announcement: