Installing Nextcloud 15 on UBOS versus other Linux distros


Nextcloud 15 was released this week, and tutorials are appearing on the web how to install it on various operating systems. As a UBOS user, I can only marvel how complicated it is … compared to UBOS. Let’s compare:

(Words counted by copy-pasting the “meat” of the instructions from Firefox “reader view” into BBEdit, and using their word count)

In comparison, here are the instructions for UBOS. Enter the following commands, and answer the questions:

% sudo ubos-admin update
% sudo ubos-admin createsite

If you’d like the Redis cache, enter nextcloud-cache-redis in the question about accessories. And if you want a letsencrypt certificate for your site, append --tls --letsencrypt to the second (createsite) command. This would make the setup similar to the above tutorials.

Either way, it takes, well, about 2 minutes, most of which is waiting for the computer to do its thing. Why should you have to bother with an operating system that makes installing Nextcloud more complicated?

Upgrades are even simpler:

% sudo ubos-admin update

Strike a solid win for UBOS I would think. #ubosrocks

P.S. UBOS runs on PCs, cloud, and ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi, and if you like to get it pre-installed, consider buying a UBOSbox.